Davood Zarekoohi

Playwright, Director and Producer of Children's Theater

Manager Of Tavanesh Acting School

Biography of Davood Zarekoohi


Hi, welcome to my website

This is Davood Zarekoohi. I experienced theater and acting since elementary school by actively participating in my school's theater group. When I was a 16-year-old teenager, I became more interested in art and went to the school of art and literature of radio and television and started learning the art of acting with professors such as Reza Fayazi and Mojtaba Kazemi. It was from there that I became interested in theater, especially theater for children and teenagers. In 1997, I gained my first directing experience with the show "We Have Everything". In 1978, I entered the Faculty of Art and Architecture and studied theater. In the same year, I staged my second play titled "Jungle School".


Various Art Festivals

Award of the selected play (we have everything) of the first student theater festival of Rooyesh, Tehran, 1997

Award for the selected show (Jungle's School) of the first festival of theater centers in Tehran, 1998

2nd prize for male acting (The fanciful) of the 3rd national theater festival for children and teenagers Sooreh in Tehran, 2014

Award of the selected show (The Story of the Earth) of the 17th Performing Arts Festival of the Center for Intellectual Development 2017

Appreciation for participating in the traditional games section of the 3rd National Toy Festival of the Intellectual Development Center in 2017

The first prize of the joint director (Excuse me, we didn't read) of the 2nd National Tehran Maan Theater Festival 2019

Appreciation for attending (when we are not) the 27th Hamadan International Children and Youth Theater Festival 2022